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The Greatest Christmas Films of All Time


It had been the night before… Sorry, we’ll have to start over. ’ It had been a month before… No. ‘Another time.’ It was a month and a half until Christmas. It’s perfect. Anyway, it’s Thanksgiving week, but you’d never guess it based on what’s showing in theatres: “Christmas With The Coopers” was released a few weeks ago, and this weekend saw the release of both the entertaining Seth Rogen holiday-themed comedy “The Night Before” and Todd Haynes’ beautiful “Carol,” which is set during the Christmas season, as well as the Evil Santa horror-comedy “Krampus.”

The Greatest Christmas Films of All Time

If a Christmas setting is good for anything, it’s usually to play up a character’s sense of loneliness – the holidays are meant to be spent with loved ones and family, and you can elegantly isolate a character by simply surrounding them with festive revels. This, maybe more than anything else, makes “The Apartment” a Christmas picture: despite the fact that it takes place over a few months and culminates on New Year’s Eve, the film makes as much use of the holidays as anything else. Jack Lemmon plays an ambitious, lonely office drone who lets his higher-ups use his apartment for their extramarital affairs in Billy Wilder’s picture, which is maybe the best romantic comedy ever made. He has feelings for Ms. Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine), an elevator operator who happens to be his boss Sheldrake’s mistress (Fred MacMurray). Despite being frequently hilarious, Wilder’s film is distinguished from other Christmas films by its deep seam of sorrow, none more so than during arguably the film’s most memorable section. involving a Christmas party where everyone finds out what’s going on, and Lemmon discovers MacLaine in his apartment having tried suicide, and then spends many days with her while she recovers. The great finale to a wonderful film warms your heart like chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and the Christmas backdrop improves the fairy tale feel of the story, even if it is a sorrowful one for much of its running length.

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