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Netflix’s ‘A Christmas Prince’ Is Only the Beginning


The backlash from fans who felt scrutinised and worried about their viewing privacy only added fuel to the royal rom-com fire. “A Christmas Prince” has entered the public consciousness, which could only benefit Netflix and its Christmas programming, which seemed to be on the rise.

Netflix’s ‘A Christmas Prince’ Is Only the Beginning

While Netflix has previously produced original Christmas programming — “A Very Murray Christmas” from 2015 springs to mind — it appears that the streaming service is now putting a strong emphasis on the holiday season. Netflix has already followed up “A Christmas Prince” with the irreverent crime comedy “El Camino Christmas” (in the manner of “The Ref”) and the just released “Christmas Inheritance,” a more traditional rom-com. The streaming service has also unveiled its intentions for Christmas 2018 in recent weeks. Next year, for sure. It will reunite with director David E. Talbert of “El Camino Christmas” for a holiday musical titled “Jingle Jangle,” which Talbert will write, direct, and produce. This has all the hallmarks of genuine Christmas event television that the entire family can enjoy.

Netflix has also approved an untitled Christmas film starring Kurt Russell (as Santa Claus), Judah Lewis (Netflix’s “The Babysitter”), and Darby Camp (Netflix’s “The Leftovers”). The Christopher Columbus-produced picture, which is set to begin shooting in January for a late 2018 release, follows two kids who get caught on Santa’s sleigh while trying to prove he’s real. Because Netflix is infamous for not disclosing viewership data or discussing content strategy, such early announcements are the best sign that the streaming giant is trying to corner the market on Christmas material. However, this appears to be comparable to the original film’s concept, which was based on the Adam Sandler model. And, if you’re Netflix, what’s not to like? It’s low-cost, crowd-pleasing, and has international appeal potential.

Netflix isn’t tying itself down to any one aesthetic, either, considering the diversity of the films so far. As a result, it can comfortably pilfer the Hallmark crowd, but less sugary tastes may see something akin to “Bad Santa” or holiday horror in the future. With its casting and other holidays, this looseness could augur well for more inclusive narrative. (“Anyone for a Hannukah Prince?”) However, it appears that the primary focus is currently on films. Who’s to say Netflix won’t try its hand at Christmas programmes, slow programming (like Hulu’s “Streaming Wonderland”), or live events like Amazon’s impending “The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord and Tish”? Nothing appears to be outside limits, although Netflix may not need to test the waters just yet.

As a result of Disney’s acquisition of Fox, there has been a mass exodus of Fox titles from Netflix. Netflix had already been focusing on more original programming, which is no coincidence. Why rely on others when your own thing is operating well? Despite the cancellation of “House of Cards,” shows like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown” have become new mainstays, with new shows like “13 Reasons Why,” “American Vandal,” and “Big Mouth” demonstrating that original programming is still alive and well. No, Netflix subscribers aren’t leaving anytime soon, especially if a sequel to “A Christmas Prince” is released. Perhaps as a Christmas present next year.

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